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Google said that around 90% of the customers in B2B and B2C are using different devices, an average of three per day to complete the buyer or shopper journey. That’s why companies are formulating their strategies and processes according to the customer journey with an omni-channel strategy to enable sales, save time, gain control, be efficient and increase revenue.


In today’s world, marketeers are utilising many processes and many channels within the marketing process. They’re multi-tasking across different platforms, departments and working in silos within their organisations. The tech-savvy approach gives the upper hand to marketeers as a single view is available through collaboration and great integrations. Luckily, there are a few solutions available which can sync all activity into one platform and provide single view management reporting.

90% of B2B & B2C customers are using 3 different devices per day! Enable sales, save marketing time, gain control, use omni-channel technology and strategy so you can be efficient and increase revenue.